When I looked out of the window I couldn’t believe my eyes…

Opět jedna z mých starších prací, tentokrát do angliny. Vím, je to trochu přitažené za vlasy, ale že je dneska ten apríl… Snad se pobavíte 🙂

When I looked out…“ je věta, kterou to mělo začínat a zároveň zadání.

When I looked out of the window I couldn’t believe my eyes…

It was…was something…It was something. Thousands and thousands butters was flying in the air and was noisily falling down. After some moment stopped “raining” and I could see sun again. But street disappeared. Disappeared under white-yellow layer of butter. After a few minutes people began to leave their homes. They started scrape the butter from pavement, street and cars standing at park. Why they behaved so strangely? The reason was surprising, unbelievable, simple. Date. Just date. It was 30th February. This special madness day is only one hundred years. And it’s a good reason to stop of being normal. Today you can talk to your pet and you’ll be OK if it answers. And the second reason: it was free. I closed the window, took knife and bread to the basket and went out to scrape some butter. 

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